Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

In our clinic, we use the latest evidence-based technology to help reduce pain, improve function, and remove foot lesions.


Our state-of-the-art laser therapy device can be used for achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis to reduce pain, improve function, and reduce healing times. Laser can also be used for bursitis pain, plantar plate tears, and morton’s neuroma.


Along with the musculoskeletal applications of our laser therapy, we can also remove fungal nails and warts.


We use an evidence-based protocol of anti-fungal therapy with laser therapy to painlessly clear the fungus, without damaging the nail. Combining topical anti-fungal therapy, with laser therapy, can clear the fungus from the nail, and reduces the chance of regrowth of fungus.


Verrucae (plantar warts) can also be removed with laser therapy. Combining laser with topical verrucae treatments, laser therapy painlessly inhibits the cellular growth of the verrucae, allowing for a more effective clearance of the plantar warts long-term.

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General foot problems, Skin and Nail care, Paediatric Foot Assessments and Sport Podiatry


All consultations accompanied by an EPC referral from your GP have a Medicare stipulated rebate but are not bulk-billed.  There are limited bulk billing options available in exceptional circumstances.


We are registered with all funds through HICAPS and can process your claim immediately with your private health card.

Orthotic Coverage

Podiatrists are the only profession recognised by ALL private health funds to prescribe orthotics.