Our Staff

Our team of experts


Michael Ramadan
B.HSc. (Pod) (Hons) M.A.Pod.A.

Principal Podiatrist


Michael is the owner and director, and provides all podiatry services to our clients. He handles the day to day operations of the clinic and ensures all our clients receive the best possible care for their feet.


Michael is married with two little boys. He loves going for walks with the kids and their miniature dachshund Bruce. He also enjoys going to the gym, and supports Collingwood in the AFL.


Rachel Taylor
B.Pod. M.A.Pod.A.

Senior Podiatrist


Rachel is going on maternity leave in June 2021, and will return in January 2022. After more than 10 years of caring for the local community, she is excited to balance the care of her patients with her growing family.


Annemarie Lonetti
B.Pod., AddiPhsci (Accupuncture), BHSCI (TCM)

Following completion of her Bachelor of Podiatry in 1996, Annemarie started her work as a podiatrist in the private sector. She has worked in many roles in rural and urban practice and developed clinical skills through manufacturing of orthoses, affiliations with sporting clubs and group work for patients with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and mobility issues.


Annemarie has a special interest in circulatory and biomechanical issues. She can be found walking with her beautiful dogs on weekends, surfing, and sometimes baking.


Benjamin Baker
B.App.Sc. (Pod) M.Pod.Prac.

Ben finished a Masters of Podiatry in 2019, and is an Olinda local. Ben has worked as a podiatrist since completing his degree, and continues to expand his knowledge with courses in dry needling, cupping techniques, injury rehabilitation, and advanced nail surgery.


Ben enjoys cricket, hiking, and spending time with his partner Alycia.


Administration Support


Pauline, Geni, Julia and Lorelei provide our admin support. From booking appointments, taking calls, or even just answering a few queries, the ladies are not only experienced, but friendly and caring as well.


Administration Support


Our admin in Belgrave (and Olinda) is Danni and Julie.  Danni and Julie are very popular amongst the hills locals, and we often wonder whether our patients are coming to see us or the ladies out the front!

We specialise in


We specialise in orthotic therapy for sports injuries, overuse injuries, painful feet, and post-rehabilitation from surgery.  We work closely with your doctors and specialists to address your specific concerns and get you back on your feet as soon as possible.