Flat feet and your kids

Flat Feet

Childhood Flat Feet

Flat feet are known medically as pes planus. This is a common condition in children, particularly “double jointed” children. Flat feet can sometimes cause immediate problems in children, and often cause problems later in life due to the pressure placed on them over a long period of time.


Podiatrists are experts at correcting poor foot function and flat feet in children, preventing any pain, and reducing the chance of pain later in life.

There are a number of treatments we employ to help with pain caused by childhood flat feet.  We use a combination of stretches, exercises, footwear changes, and sometimes we use orthotics.  We also use other physical therapies including dry needling to help improve function and reduce pain.

All of our treatments are based on only the highest quality of up-to-date research, so you can be certain that you and your children are in safe and capable hands.


Adult Flat Feet

However, not just kids have flat feet. Some adults have them too. Sometimes this causes no pain, but often it does. Not only do podiatrists treat children’s flat feet, we also treat adult’s flat feet with great success.

Adult-acquired flat foot is a condition often caused by tibialis posterior dysfunction.  This is a small, but long muscle and tendon that attaches to the bottom of the foot.  It is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the arch in the foot.  If it becomes dysfunctional, the foot can lose it’s arch integrity and flattens.  This can sometimes be fixed with exercises, but often needs orthotics to help the muscle hold the arch together.  Podiatrists are experts at diagnosing and treating this increasingly-common condition.

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